Beyond the Beats: The Story of Blaize Shell Shell

Meet Blaize Shell Shell

Andrew Folkes

Andrew’s journey began amidst a backdrop of adversity. He witnessed

the murder of his uncle at a young age. His familial relationships were

marked by a lack of emotion and compassion and, from a tender age,

this tumultuous environment took a toll on his mental and physical

well-being. His circumstances led him to excessive drinking and gang


His story is a multifaceted one, encompassing a range of experiences,

all of which find expression in his first book, The Power of Pain: My

Pain, My Breakthrough.

Struggle, Dysfunction, Drinking & Gang Activity

In this heart-rending narrative, he shares the struggles of a young man endeavoring to find his path in a world marked by familial dysfunction and negative influences and their repercussions on his aspirations and mindset.

Andrew’s desire to become a positive influence on his friends, family and society,

has led him to using his story and his talents for speaking, writing and music, to

inspire ‘at-risk’ youth throughout the Island. Andrew aspires for his story to reach a wide audience, in the hopes of catalyzing transformative change in the lives of other young men. His narrative serves as an inspirational, motivational, and uplifting testament to the resilience and determination needed to become the best version of oneself.

A mission to entertain

and inspire...

Andrew has to date given free copies of his easily digestible and gripping book to hundreds of students, parents and community members, the message resonating with a wide cross-section of Jamaican society. Importantly, Andrew also understands the importance of strategic partnerships and conveying the right messaging for and on behalf of any such partners, sponsors and associates.

We have been participating in a series of engagements, including at the Metcalfe and Rio Cobre correctional facilities, various police and security force events and at the Red Stripe town hall forum on responsible drinking, where Andrew was a panelist and main speaker, captivating audiences with his deft communication skills, intelligence, honesty and positive messaging. Metcalfe is a beneficiary of the “WeTransform” Youth Empowerment Programme under the Ministry of National

Security, with whom we have developed a fruitful partnership on various

like-minded endeavors.

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